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Blog Overview:

Welcome to He Said, She Said! We’re Calvin and Mandee, and we love games. After collecting over 200 games in our personal collection and being asked by friends and family for opinions on games, we decided it’s time to share some honest reviews and general information about all types of games. So here’s little bit about us:

He Said:

As a kid I played games like Payday, Uno, and games based off movies or TV shows. I really only liked games for their components – I just chose games because they looked cool and never really learned the rules. But it wasn’t until 2014 that I really discovered that games could be just as entertaining as video games. And there’s nothing like that rush you get when you open a game and organize the components.

Game Likes:

  • Worker placement mechanisms
  • Strong theme
  • Party games
  • Games with player interaction
  • Cool game components (i.e., miniatures, dice, etc.)

Game Dislikes:

  • Too much randomness
  • Runaway leader problems/no catch-up mechanic
  • Repetitive games
  • Games with no replayability
  • History-themed games (ex. Axis and Allies)

She Said:

Growing up, my family frequently had game nights, with our favorites being Scrabble and the card game 500. Until a few years ago, I primarily played party games, something Calvin did not enjoy. But in 2014, I was finally able to convince him that board games can be fun with the creation of Wil Wheaton’s video series Tabletop. Since then, we’ve expanded our collection and gaming has become a part of our everyday lives.

Game Likes:

  • Worker placement mechanisms
  • Strong theme
  • Real-world themes
  • Storytelling games
  • Party games
  • Anything with animals

Game Dislikes:

  • Space/alien themes
  • Retaliation/mean games
  • Repetitive games
  • Weak theme
  • Games with no replayability

Stay tuned for our next post when we review Takenoko!


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  1. Great blooog! I love it! Thanks for your awesomes reviews 🙂

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